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If you are considering planting new woodland, companies may wish to finance the project in return for the rights of the carbon captured over the project’s lifetime, to counteract their emissions. This creates an income stream for the landowner, making woodland creation a financially viable alternate land-use. It also creates a nice and peaceful habitat for wild plants and animals, too!

The Carbon Capture Principle
The Carbon Tree

The Woodland Carbon Code is part of the UK government’s response to climate change. The Code sets out robust requirements that ensure projects are designed and managed responsibly, do no environmental harm, and really do capture the CO2 that they claim. We handle all this stuff for you, making the future for The Great British countryside a Greener one.

The Validation Process
The Carbon Tree

Woodland Creation and Habitat Formation

The Carbon Tree

The Carbon Tree is based in Leicestershire, and we are here to help you create carbon finance no matter what the size and scope of your new woodland may be. Our Woodland Carbon Capture projects create a whole host of environmental and social benefits that go above and beyond carbon capture, and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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For Landowners
The Carbon Tree

As we see consumer demand for environmentally sound products growing rapidly, sponsoring UK tree planting ventures shows your commitment to the environment and community, improves reputation, and strengthens your brand as a whole.

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For Businesses

Green Endorsement for Your Business

Supporting the Move to a Low Carbon Economy

The Carbon Tree

The Carbon Tree makes things happen. Businesses want to show their commitment to the planet, and we are the ones that take ideas off the drawing board, and into action. We get our hands dirty, providing businesses the green credentials they need to succeed in the modern age of business.

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